What all can you do with your i-torney ?

Vaibhav and his friend spent a day behind bars for wearing Bermuda shorts outside their college. You never know when you would need to look up a law.

Law Search

  • Key word search for laws and procedures that have most common use
  • Explanation of the laws in plain text
  • Explanation of procedures to file police complaints and templates for quick reference
  • Works without internet

SOS Alert

  • Send preset SOS Alert with a single tap on the widget
  • Auto send GPS coordinates with alert
  • SOS Alerts are automatically shared with National Commission for Women (NCW) for women users
  • Mobile tracking after SOS

Nobody should be detained illegally. It happens only to a few people daily, but when it happens it is best to get immediate help.


Have you felt the need for such an app before? Share your thoughts on what would make it most useful for you.